Are You a Registered Voter?

Philippine election is the most awaited event for the year 2010. Some says, it is a challenge for Filipinos to select the right person for a better change in the country. Filipinos set much of their expectations during these times  from the  ‘Soon to be President‘ but are they registered to vote? Are they active voters to exercise their rights?

The answer is just one click away.

Commission on Elections ( offers a tool named, “Precint Finder” where in you can check your precint number and registration status.

Here’s how:

1. Launch or and click “Online precint finder” icon in the middle right section of the page.

2. Key in your full name and date of birth and click “Find” button

Online Precint Finder
Online Precint Finder

3. Check your registration details. Take note of your precint number. If registration status is ‘INACTIVE’ it calls a need to register to vote in your nearest COMELEC offices in your barangays.

Registration Details
Registration Details

This is why Filipinos are hopeful. Good news from BBC:

In the upcoming 2010 Philippine presidential elections, current president Gloria Arroyo is not allowed to run for another presidential term. – Read more.

Filipinos are hopeful. So is BBC.
On the upcoming 2010 Philippine elections, current President Gloria Arroyo is not allowed to run for another presidential term. -BBC News

Get registered and vote! Make a difference for “Just One Day“!

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