Web links can ruin our itinerary


I am a victim of distracting web links… and I found an antidote to share!
Here’s the scene. We have our tasks list. The computer is all ready to process the information we have on mind.  But suddenly, inviting web links call our attention. From the active document editor we launched, our mouse pointer all of a sudden swerves its way to these web links. Then we get hooked to it. The site showcases stuffs that meet our interests. A click follows another click, digging down to the depth of the website – from homepage to inner pages.

Another thing enters the scene, a pop from a friend shown by the blinking task bar. Two hours have passed. Say, if our threshold in staying up in front of our PC is two and a half hours and by then we were cramming to accomplish things. And our mission impossible is, “to accomplish tasks given that half an hour”.

Chances are:
1.     Outputs were totally a crap
2.    Nothing was accomplished

How to avoid:
1.    Ideally, we should be in good condition (not hungry, not sleepy, etc.)
2.    Set a goal before doing anything else in the computer.
(Ex. For 7 March – 50% of estimates must be plotted against the tracking sheet) Of     course this aims to happen in reality and let’s not leave them as plan.
3.    If Internet is necessary in accomplishing tasks, pay a visit to the relevant sites     only. Anything that may seem to be of your interest copy the link then paste on a     note for us to remember them after we get done in our tasks.
4.    Make sure to entertain task related instant messages only.
5.    Check chain letters in your email after the task gets accomplished.
6.    If there’ll be case of multiple tasks, we should prioritize which needs to be     delivered first.
7.    Do not divert attentions to pop ups. (They bring viruses, worms, information theft     etc. that might halt us from

doing our work)

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