Tim’s priority…

Tim: I won’t be able to pick you up later.
Ella: Would that be a meeting again? (Face frown)
Tim: Are we going to talk about this again?
Ella: Of course not. I know the boiling point would be the same. You never understood.
Tim: I guess you’re the one who could not understand. You know where I am going. And what do you want? (Taking a deep breath)
Ella: Yeah, was it my fault to feel this way?
Tim: I know. It’s normal. You know that I always wanted to be with you. You know that I want to tag you along everywhere I go. But see, for now we should sacrifice moments that we need to be apart.
Ella: Okay. Have your way. Leave me and don’t come back.
Tim: Do you know what you were saying, is it as if you want me to prioritize you over my task. (Pressure shoots up) I could not tolerate you being like that. Think it all over. If I’m gonna accompany you with your errands and be absent with my meeting, would you think I’m enough to protect you?
Ella: (Kept silently crying…)
Tim: I need to leave you not just because I wanted to but because I know He can watch over you more than I do while I try to fulfill the things He wants me to do. So please understand. I’m doing this for our family.
(Tim kissed Ella goodbye and head his way out the door…)

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