When Chloe and Cardio bumped at 7th Street…

Chloe: Hey Cardio!

Cardio: Hi Chloe!

Chloe: I believe it is Okay.

Cardio: Do you think so? Is just? Is it still within the jurisdiction or are you getting overboard?

My mind says it’s still okay and I think you’re agreeing too.

Cardio: Honestly, I am in doubt. Mind told me that he remembered the thoughts imbued to him that I am deceitful. At some point I agree.

Chloe: Yeah I had a recall now, you’re deceitful at times. I should stick to what I have learned and not to what I want to believe. I realized and to admit it, I’m reasoning out to take detours. Thanks to Him! My way might be perverted if I didn’t listen and accept where I fell.

Published by angelaborromeo

Biblically amazed!

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