Be not confused

Itanong Mo Kay Soriano (Ask Brother Eli Soriano)

4 January 2009 – 11:17 pm

A man asked Brother Eli Soriano, “is there a true religion out of the number who sprout nowadays? I am a bit confused since they were claiming that they were all true.”

Bro. Eli cited an example. He said that it is like a man who has seen lovely ladies around. Among those women, that guy knows who he really likes. This is because of his heart that guides him. It is true that even if the world tells him that his choice is not that pretty, he would not care. For he feels something inside that proves him that his chosen lady is the most beautiful woman among the rest. But it is a different story for those who seem to like all lovely ladies.

“It is like arriving at the true religion, if you will examine by heart and look at solely to the doctrine it has and not to focus on how grand the worship centers or chapels are”, according to Bro. Eli. As it says in John 7:17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

A wise man is logical and has basis for the things he believes at. To choose a religion is to choose the path we will take. A religion that has sound doctrine based from the Bible or those religions that pick a verse and render their own story, who would you prefer? To whom are you going to entrust your soul?

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6 thoughts on “Be not confused

  1. Good essay, though the main thesis the character chose to pick is flawed. How can emotions be considered logical (truth)? If we chose our religion, should it not be because we know from truth (the bible, the world, the logic of true Christianity) and not from ourselves.

    Remember, even a criminal, if asked, will tell you he’s innocent.

  2. Hi cliftonofhesperia,

    Thanks for your comment! =)

    I agree that we should choose our religion because we came to know the truth from God’s leader with teachings of Christ in the Bible and NOT from ourselves. I’m trying to point out that there were matters that can be only decided by our own hearts. There were people who were saying they came to know the true religion (with its basis – Doctrine/ Teachings in the Bible) but they still couldn’t join because they could not leave their vices behind.

    “Remember, even a criminal, if asked, will tell you he’s innocent.” – that’s why we need evidences, like in a religion we can examine its teachings
    for us to know if its true or not.

    Continue to drop by… Thanks!

  3. I agree that we need evidences to prove the right one. We need to check if the person preaching if he is the right one just like what the bible advices us to do in 1Jn 4:1 “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. “

  4. cliftonofhesperia said –

    “Remember, even a criminal, if asked, will tell you he’s innocent.”

    Better start on a clean plate.

    Your cup is so full of assumptions already that nothing new can enter.

    But you are welcome to investigate with readiness of mind. Without that readiness, you are doomed to your fate.

    You may find angela’s arguments faulty, but that does not take away the truth of what she wants to convey.

  5. keytothelockedbook, my cup is so full of assumptions? Indeed, the statement itself was one!

    If you want to be able to minimize a bunch real fast, let me ask you a question:

    Is trust earned or given?

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