Why castigate people?

Comfort Zone

8:20 pm

On my way home from work, I’ve seen a man with a child. I assume that they were father and son. The old man beats the child in the butt. He was shouting to his young boy – military voice captured the attention of the crowd. The young boy was crying in pain, stating his plea, “Tay, tama napo di ko na uulitin.” (Father, stop! I won’t do it again.)

The boy uttered the things I, myself uttered when I was a kid. Being a stubborn child, papa’s belt became a strict deterrent to me. It was really an irksome day that is why I decided to rest and reach my bed early. It was so amazing that upon switching the television on, I got hooked on to UNTV’s The Old Path television program.

An old man asked Mr. Soriano, “Why God needs to punish His children?” The question and my experience that afternoon substantiate Mr. Soriano’s answer.

“We love our children. As parents we love our children. I John 4:19 says that it is God who loved us first. He even gave His only begotten son in Jn 3:16. As we love our children do not want anybody to hurt them. But due to God’s love for us He gave His only son.

In a typical family, a father loves all his children. For example you have 10 children, one of them killed his brother. Would you not punish that one criminal? Are you not going to punish that one criminal, even if you love him? How about the nine children more? Would you allow that one child you have to hurt the remaining nine?

Are there people like that? John 8:44. I Tim 5:15, proves that there were people nowadays who were satanic. If a person doesn’t obey God anymore then satan is their father and not God anymore.

A good government loves his people. That is why capital punishment is imputed to the criminals in the land, for criminals can destroy many. Government loves his people that is why it imputes punishment as a deterrent to crimes.”

I am so blessed that I’ve got to taste the bitter sweet punishment from papa during my childhood days. That proves he loves me, I am his child and he really loves me. Yippee! Moreover, I appreciate how God punishes me when I do wrong. I could not contain and explain the joy I feel. I am so happy! =)

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