A dream that was a dream come true

02 September 2008
09:57 pm – bed, before signing off

A dream, a dream come true.

It was 5:57 am when I woke up in bed this morning from a dream, a dream come true. I wished to be with a sensible guy a million times, I wished that even in my dreams I’ll be near him. Even a close encounter with him will surely make my heart jump on its delight. I owe him a lot; he cared for me more than any mere mortal did – a God-given gift. Going back, I felt that moment really happened. Scenes flashes back into my wits, it was a sun-kissed morning when I walked along with a man wearing burgundy piña cloth barong in a rural place, there we passed by a “nipa” hut and the ground is a reddish brown soil, as if you have seen the rich soil from provinces or simply those sold in the garden shops.  But dreams seems to be really strange, you know where we headed to? It was a coliseum, a convention center, or a big warehouse. I am aware that I’m assisting him with the huge number of people assembled to the said venue. There was never an instance that he said any word, not even stared at me. But I know and feel that I enjoyed the service. Being a typical worker-bee it shielded me from the polluted environment, apart from all the false accusations imputed on him, my inner man tells that I love him and I miss him, leaving my earnest hope to succeed until the end with him.

It was an extraordinary dream that totally made my day!

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