Sunday’s Best

I was so surprised when I tried checking against my planner, I met 33% of my weekly tasks all-in-a-sunday’s work. This is not usual for me, but just the same, I felt so much of His guidance and that is why my gratefulness couldn’t help to manifest.

Lessons Learned:

1. There’s such thing as “timing”

2. You are what you think.

3. Exercise, a great help to keep the mind in its active state.

4. Heart grows big.

5. Doing good is everybody’s biggest benefit

6. You can never take back the things you once said, better be careful.

7. Somebody will help you do the math.

8. True friends are available in the shop.

9. Big rewards await to those who sacrifice.

10. Hands are made for good works.

Bringing up all credits and thanks back to Him!


Published by angelaborromeo

Biblically amazed!

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