From wicked to good…

There was a time in my life that is still vividly painted on the screens. I met somebody that ceased my academic addiction. Yes – you got it right, there was a point in my life where I’ve been a scholarly addict. My pens are my friends, my laptop as my confidant and the C compiler as my all day love affair. What an exercise in futility to miss half of my life! I’ve got good grades but failed to have the nose of the whereabouts of my peers. Missing a lot of head turns just because of the hours spent in the library for that solemn mission of learning.

How was I shifted my focus? A guy came into my life that I never thought would be my significant other up to now. Getting so curious how people experienced butterflies in their stomach as they testify of how love came in and invaded them, I never thought that I will be streaked by the same feeling. It was a roller coaster ride; it all began when I badly hated him because he excels academically, seemingly of no expertise, monopolizing the peak in our subjects. Then there the tutorial came in, a man who shared generously his comprehension unknowingly captured me, sad to say but it is true – wink.

From getting annoyed to getting concerned. I just hate it when my eyes wanted to see him. When my heart speeds up its beat when I worry a lot as he plays solar basketball that makes the sensitive nerves in his nasal to burst and cause it to bleed, I just don’t like it, a mixture of concern and disturbance. Days passed and things that I avoid seem to catch me. I swallowed up all the things I said, I left the robot being and started out to feel up in the skies. I smile, laugh and got more inspired. I played the academic game of no pressure but with my desire to surpass each day full of memoirs with him. He became my personal stand up comedian, my snack provider, my shock absorber (imperfect scores and bad hair days), my body guard, my chaperon, my math instructor, my “Tamagochi” and my programming idol. Yes, all in awe, all around! God really transforms wicked things to good things, who would have thought that my envy and hate could end and that God pricked my heart that became torpid for almost years back to its function? Isn’t that awesome?

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4 thoughts on “From wicked to good…

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  2. wow how sweet 🙂 hehehe I remember how it all began with a flowchart then with algebra (although algebra is a waterloo for me) then being group mates until being partners for life 🙂

  3. ang sweet para sa inyong dalawa ay may topic pa rin ng subjects natin. haha!

    im happy you two are still together… very happy! yikee!
    i hope kayong dalawa na talaga..

    i’ll be smiling all day sa araw ng kasal nyo… 😉

  4. Thanks Emma! We have been through a lot. (Rough roads, happy moments, losing grip etc.) It’s just that we’re guided by Him. I, myself couldn’t believe that we’re this far and up to know I am really grateful for having a good guy, a brother and a best friend. With all your support before to pursue me to early relationship, I am thankful too for having you around. (“Kunsintedora kayo eh! :p”) But everything seems to be falling into its proper places.

    Wish you could spend time joining us in our activities… we’re inviting you for some clean fun Saturdays – out of town…

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